Physical Therapy for Back and Neck Pain

Most back and neck pain is musculoskeletal. The first line of treatment for any type of spinal pain is physical therapy. Physical therapy has been shown to help relieve neck and back pain by increasing range of motion and flexibility and decreasing the inflammation in your spine. The Reading Neck & Spine Center has a physical therapy facility on-site, and our physical therapists have had specialized training in the treatment of spinal conditions. At The Reading Neck & Spine Rehab Center, we focus on movement to help you return to your activities of daily living. Often times, patients with back pain are instructed to avoid bending and twisting; however, we feel that this is an unreasonable constraint. Life is about movement, and our therapists will instruct you in exercises that allow you to twist and bend in order to participate in your daily activities. Furthermore, the benefits of physical therapy go beyond the clinic. Our therapists will teach you how to do these exercises at home so, should your pain return, you can begin doing these exercises on your own at home. In addition, the exercises you learn will help to promote a healthy back or neck and, if done on a routine basis, can help prevent further flare-ups of pain.